DollyZoom.js is a playful, interactive experiment aimed to show the cinematic effect known as "dolly zoom". As a side effect it will also help you understand the photographic concepts of "dolly" and "zoom" separately, and why framing using your feet is not the same as framing using your camera zoom.

In order to run properly you need a web broswer that fully supports the WebGL technology. Check if yours is supported here. For more information visit the post in DoFideas. Also highly recommended: Evolution of the Dolly Zoom and Mastering the Art of the Dolly Zoom.

Contact & License

DollyZoom.js by Alvaro Santamaria Herrero(2014) is licensed under GNU General Public License (Version 3). DollyZoom.js source available in github.com/aluarosi/. DollyZoom.js is a part of DoF ideas DoF ideas logo
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Play with it! (Help)

At the beginning you can choose to start with the presentation or skip it and go directly to the interactive mode.

You can use the following controls on the control panel at the bottom:

You can also move the camera viewpoint more freely clicking and dragging with the mouse. If your mouse has a wheel you can dolly in and out with it.

During the presentation you have the following options at the top: